The brand was born from the creative need to combine the excellence of Sicilian art with a cultured and attràctive femininity. Objets d'art citations, indeed, are the start point of the fashion designer for her creative pròcess to come to a brand whose preciousness consìsts in a unìque and unrepeatable piece, since it is exclusively handmade, almost like the art to which it relates.

Thanks to the study and practice of objets d'art restoration, Rosa Anna Argento combines the deep knowledge of the Sicilian cultural heritage with the creation of unique pieces.

Thereby, the elegance of "Made in Italy" is embèllished with the charm and sophistication of Sicilian culture, becoming a desired "Made in Sicily".

First collections are inspired by art-historical themes of Islamic art, of Gul, typical elements of Persian decoration, of twentieth-century Liberty of Ettore de Maria Bergler, and of Serpotta, with his world- renowned Baroque plasters.

The iconògraphy of collections today enriches olso dresses, caftans, skirts, accessories and textiles,

presented to national and international people at MACEF and MIPAP.

The need to satisfy an ever more demanding and educated, encouraged fashion designers to expand the range of artistic references, and here then the fabrics inspired by the night of Vincent Van Gogh or fanciful dream of Marc Chagall or the sensuality of Gustav Klimt. Architectural harmony skinned textile meet artistic intuition and exceptional ability to express emotions of great refinement.

A footprint of precious refinement characterizes the work of this designer who, with his expert staff, performs strictly freehand, all the decorations creating real works to wear.